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Walking on Campus

Organizational Studies

Empowerment and Positive Working

Practice through Education

I have always been intellectually left wanting more - information, action, and experiences - and this trend continued into my college experience. No matter the course or extracurricular, the discipline did not go quite deep enough or address all the intricacies and interconnectedness of diverse areas of study to satisfy my curiosity.

Combining the disciplines of the social sciences of Psychology, Sociology, and Economics, my major allows me to interrogate interpersonal and social issues through lenses of economic modeling and statistical inquiry.

Within the broad study of how organizations are formed, conduct themselves, and play a role in society I focus on how organizations spur growth in individuals and social movements.


My Pathway

Our world is constantly evolving and growing to allow collaboration across nations, cultures, and identities. Through this connection of human experiences comes both cultural and technological innovation. These features structure my interest in the intersection of education, career development, and scientific discovery; in particular, how education and human capital management can incorporate social justice awareness and diversity education to make organizations more aware and inclusive in our ever-diversifying world. Promoting intellectual curiosity and the application of scientific knowledge and skills as accessible and useful information for all will aid in my mission to further develop efficient and collaborative spaces for positive and sustainable growth across the multitude of identities in organizations. Thus, allowing society to reconceptualize them as spaces where diverse dreams can be recognized and achieved. The interdisciplinary nature of the Organizational Studies program in conjunction with my dual minors in Community Action & Social Change and Education for Empowerment will allow me to develop the skills to work towards this goal.

Organizational Studies Projects

Organizational Studies Research Capstone Project Teacher Orientations to “No-Excuse” School Culture: A Case Study of Success Academy Charter Network

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