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Reviewing the Laws

Education for Empowerment

Advancing Equity through Policy

As a child, I was always told I should become a teacher. Spurred on from my enthusiastic jumping to assist a classmate and desire to learn more, it was a suggestion I heard from friends, family, and teachers, alike. Thus, when it came time to choose my first semester of courses, I selected Schooling in a Multicultural Society to see if teaching was my path forward. 

Long-story short, through trial and error I determined that I did not want to be a teacher, but I was passionate about the United States' education system, ending inequities within the system, and supporting students through the first quarter of their lives.

To do so, I began to interrogate policies and interschool practices that aid student success. In particular, I am passionate about access to higher education, diversity, equity, and inclusion lessons, and mental wellness in schools.

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Climate Crisis & Curriculum Policy

Michigan Student Caucus, Platform Presenter

To put my courses on education policy into action, as one half of a team I drafted legislation addressing the curriculum needs teacher's expressed regarding interdisciplinary teaching of Common Core Standards. Our policy was chosen by our professors to be presented in front of Michigan's Special Commission for Civic Engagement.

Policy Issues & School Practices I Explored

Literacy Laws


Healthcare and Holistic Wellness

Education Projects

Secondary Education Student Mental Health Organizations

Climate Crisis & Curriculum Infographic

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