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Some of the biggest advantages of my liberal arts education is that I have been able to redefine myself, interrogate who I am and what made me this way, practice communicating and empathizing with others, and prioritize community, understanding, and progress above all else.  Each program I enrolled in was an intentional choice that helped me further my professional aspirations. Learn more about them and my work within my academic training below.

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Organizational Studies

Major, Pathway: Empowerment and Positive Working Practice Through Education

An interdisciplinary social sciences program that explores organizations through the lenses of Economics, Sociology, and Psychology. I focus my study on how learning occurs within organizations, especially as it relates to advancing social justice, both within nonprofits and for-profits, alike.

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Community Action & Social Change

Minor, School of Social Work

The social work minor prepares students for community building through courses that utilize theory and context, diversity learning practices, and service-learning opportunities culminating in a broad understanding of community-based social change.


Education for Empowerment

Minor, School of Education, Pathway: Advancing Equity through Policy

The education minor explores the relationship between power and education, historically and in the present. Understanding the impact education has on social justice and change, the Advancing Equity through Policy pathway focuses on the role of educational policy and the innovative practices that could comprise education of the future.

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